About Us

Snooker roomWe are a friendly social club situated in the semi-rural area of Morley Green in Wilmslow.  The club is members only and run by a committee that meets once a month.  Membership is by subscription which is payable by the year.

The club was first opened in 1930 and boasts many facilities:

The lounge bar has a wide selection of beers and spirits plus soft drinks, tea, coffee and hot chocolate.  For a hot snack, you can try our range of panini.

We hold a wide range of extra activities such as dog training, bingo, indoor bowling, social dancing, bridge and a radio club.  The club has also its own snooker and indoor bowling team.  The details of all of these activities can be found on our Activities page.

As well as these activities, the club hosts many functions throughout the year available to all members at an extra fee.  In addition, we host functions for other organisations such as the Animal Support Volunteers.

The history of Morley Green

Before 1914 Morley itself was more or less isolated, even from its bordering villages, it consisted only of a chapel and a few stray farmhouses. This all changed when Mrs. Harold Agnew moved to Morley in 1916, a very generous and powerful woman who organised meetings for the new up and coming foundation members of the Morley Green Club.

As many people agreed, the club was very humble, and though the Great War was in progress when this project was first launched, it survived its infant days with undaunted fortune. The war, in fact, nurtured the club, as society and the sense of community became more important.

The Morley Green Social Club that brings much enjoyment to many people today was first opened by Sir Humphrey de Trafford Bart on the 30th November 1930.

This successful club which is run by community spirit has had many enjoyable evenings throughout the years. The pleasurable events are carried out mostly due to the vast amount of work done by its members. Events that used to take place such as ‘The Rose Queen’, ‘spring dance’ and ‘Morley gala’s’  have similarities to functions which are carried out today in the club. This shows that the traditional country town spirit is still in Morley Green, and hopefully, will never be lost.